Van Busch History – Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs

Van Busch History

Since 1970, Van Busch is an exceptional source of fine jewelry design to proudly pass from generation to generation.

We are located in the heart of New York City in the famous "Jewelers On Fifth" Building. For over 40 years, our in-house designs have provided customers with modern and classic style jewelry that suits the individual wearer and incorporates the latest fashion trends.

Since they first opened their shop in 1970, Arman and Eleonore Kaymakcian have worked together creating and selling a wide variety of elegant jewelry. Their pieces are made with diamonds and colored gemstones and utilize 18K gold and platinum combined in creative ways for the latest in fashion. To provide their customers with the highest quality, up-to-date jewelry, Arman and Eleonore attend tradeshows across the country and abroad. Given their bird's-eye view in the jewelry capital of the world, much of their insight and inspiration also derives from the latest styles and trends just appearing in New York City.

Eleonore's exquisite designs stem from a combination of American and European experience and training. Born in Austria, holding a B.A. in Art History, and a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), she has worked with master goldsmiths and gemologists throughout Europe and New York. Having lived and observed the traditions and trends of two Continents, she is able to fine-tune interesting and unique jewelry that is perfect for a particular style or taste.

Designing has been a part of the Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs team from the beginning. Their knowledge and appreciation of all periods and styles of jewelry-making and their ability to reinterpret present fashions lead to one result. Jewelry that is both beautiful and special.

Small wonder that Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs has been awarded recognition for its outstanding designs and quality workmanship.