Our Workshop – Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs

Our Workshop

With a workshop just steps from the Van Busch showroom, our jewelry is genuinely 'Made in New York'.

Each piece of jewelry from Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs has been given careful attention to achieve standards of the highest quality. Utilizing traditional jewelry making and gemstone-setting techniques, we hand-finish and hand-set all of our jewelry to ensure precise execution and attention to detail.

Because we treasure working with beautiful gemstones, we personally select our own paying careful attention to a number of important considerations. For example, we consider a gemstone's color or absence of color, the clarity of the gemstone, the best cut to reflect maximum light. We check carefully that natural inclusions do not interfere with the beauty of the gemstone. The final decision rests on the desirability and value of a gemstone.

When we started making jewelry over four decades ago, we decided that we wanted to use high-karat 18K gold and platinum, the 'noble metal'. These metals are the hallmarks of good jewelry making. 18 karat yellow gold displays a beautiful color that is both, rich and lustrous. Indeed, history presents us with its most valuable treasures invariably made in 18K gold. Similarly, platinum is often found in rare and elegant jewelry. In seeking to create jewelry that is both unique and exciting, we continue the tradition of using these fine metals.

Our jewels will become the treasures to be passed on from generation to generation and will always maintain their value. The designs displayed on the Van Busch Fine Jewelry Designs website can be made in the metal of your choice. By request, we custom design or we can also adapt our existing designs to meet your individual taste.